Imagine Aerial Yoga

Have you ever wanted to fly?

Do you want to take your yoga to a new level?

We can help! We are THRILLED to announce that Imagine now offers Aerial Yoga!

Expand your horizons and learn to safely stretch beyond your self imposed limitations. Aerial yoga provides support for you to explore just how deep you can go in your warrior poses, your backbends, your forward bends and more. Build arm strength in your supported planks, and learn how to increase core strength while having fun!

The best part? Shavasana! Cuddled into cocoons, swinging gently in the breeze, you will find a new relaxation and meditation, feeling lighter than air. 

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Special Pricing: $30 per class or 4 Classes for $100-- good for 2 months!

All Reservations must be paid in advance to reserve your spot. There will be no exceptions. Thanks for understanding.

Aerial Policies & Hints

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to be fitted for hammock.
  • Do observe good personal hygiene but please refrain from wearing perfumes/colognes, lotions, oils or heavily scented deodorants to ensure the comfort of the next person in the hammock.
  • Dress comfortable, in clothes that will not fall over your head during inversions. Please wear shirts with sleeves.
  • Please limit jewelry or hair accessories that may snag the fabric, and makeup that will stain. No gum or candy in the hammock.
  • We recommend limiting meals to an hour or two before class for your comfort.
  • For your safety, please listen attentively to your teacher, and make sure you let her know if you are experiencing any of the following conditions:  high or low blood pressure, vertigo, pregnancy, glaucoma, heart disease, hiatal hernia, recent stroke or injury.