Imagine... Aerial Yoga (1)

We accept payment at the studio via cash, check or credit card

By Mail to: PO Box 5562 Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Easiest way:  Keep a credit card on file with us.

Contact for instructions.

Other options:

Restorative aerial 1

Core & Restore! Sundays at 3:15pm

In this class, the fabric is hung low to the ground just below the knees instead of at hip height.  During the first 30 minutes of class we will use the hammock to support us in a challenging flow that will tone, strengthen and condition our core.

The second half of class is a grounded, restorative practice that is calming to the nervous system.  Utilizing various yoga props in addition to the hammock, we will hold each pose for an extended period of time to encourage relaxation and healing of the mind and body.

This offering is perfect for anyone that wants to build an aerial yoga practice but is apprehensive about heights.  This inversion-free class is accessible to all.  No prior experience required.


Aerial Policies

  • Discount packages are good for 2 months.
  • Advanced registration and pre-payment is required to guarantee your spot in class. Hammocks are limited to 10.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to be fitted for hammock.
  • Do observe good personal hygiene but please refrain from wearing perfumes/colognes, lotions, oils or heavily scented deodorants to ensure the comfort of the next person in the hammock.
  • Dress comfortable, in clothes that will not fall over your head during inversions. Please wear shirts with sleeves.
  • Please limit jewelry or hair accessories that may snag the fabric, and makeup that will stain. No gum or candy in the hammock.
  • We recommend limiting meals to an hour or two before class for your comfort.
  • For your safety, please listen attentively to your teacher, and make sure you let her know if you are experiencing any of the following conditions: high or low blood pressure, vertigo, pregnancy, glaucoma, heart disease, hiatal hernia, recent stroke or injury.
  • You must have prior aerial experience to attend the advanced class.
  • No one under 16 years old may attend the class unless the teacher has given permission.