Anu Garg is a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, and quantum healing practitioner. Guided by her unique intuition, Anu specializes in soul contract readings and has served as a life coach to many.

You will find her yoga classes warm, inspiring, peaceful and invigorating. Her style is a vinyasa flow and glow which connects the breath with movement allowing one to "glow" from the inside out. She encourages her students to find that space between effort and surrender. She incorporates [ancient yogic] philosophy in her classes and in doing so asks participants to find the thread that connects us all in mind, body and spirit. Her classes are open to all levels.

Enjoy Anu's healing touch with Reiki or have Anu guide you through a transformative process by showing you how to raise your level of awareness with a Quantum Healing session. Experiences, negativity, thoughts and patterns are stored at the cellular level of our bodies. This information is anchored to our emotions, and when triggered create certain repetitive behaviors. Quantum is a release of those negative experiences, sometimes referred to as baggage stored at a deep cellular level, and when tapped can break those patterns, giving you a new perspective and allowing solutions to flow freely.

Are you ready to make sense of your life? Do you ask yourself why the same challenges keep reoccurring? Have you ever wondered about your true purpose in life? If you answered yes then a sacred Soul Contract Reading with Anu can answer these and any other questions you may have. Let Anu help you decode the spiritual map or "blueprint" of your life hidden within your birth name so you can manifest your soul's purpose. Receiving a reading may resonate on a very deep level of truth because it gives you a clear map for aligning with your true purpose. When you align with that path, life just feels more fulfilling. Isn't it time you stepped into your greatness?

All of Anu's appointments are online at the present time.