"Every journey begins with a single step, but you must start where your own feet are." 

Beginner's Yoga

At Imagine, we believe that if a Beginner walks into any of our yoga classes, that class will then become a beginner class. All of our teachers are trained to accommodate beginners, however, we do understand that walking into a class of 20 experienced yogis for the first time can be intimidating! 

This class will be small, gentle, and break down the poses in a way that helps you safely explore just what your body can really do, even if you think it can't. We will teach breath techniques that will help you relax, on or off the mat. You will learn how to walk into any yoga class, regardless of whether it is beginner, intermediate or advanced, and protect yourself so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga everywhere!

We also offer private classes for those who would like one on one attention to begin your practice. Give us a call 443-510-6308 or drop an email to info@imaginetheplace.com today to set up an appointment.