Yoga Classes:

All Level Yoga or Yoga- This class is suitable for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Yogis. This is a blend of Vinyasa (flowing)and Hatha (union) style yoga based upon each teachers training and preference.

Beginners Yoga- This class will be slower, with the poses broken down for safe alignment and understanding of the mechanics of the poses.

Gentle Yoga- This class will go at a very gentle pace, and include lots of rest in between poses with extended relaxation time.

Chair Yoga- Poses will be demonstrated with a chair to assist and provide safety in poses. May include some standing poses and balancing. Perfect for Seniors. those recovering from injury, and those dealing with weight issues or chronic illnesses.

Level I- Poses will be demonstrated with a chair and the option of going to the floor for some poses. Perfect for those looking for a good workout with multiple options.

Level 2- Advanced options for poses will be given. The flow will be quicker, with strength building being developed during longer holds.

Sunrise Yoga- Meeting at 6am to salute the sun, this challenging workout will help you sweat and build strength as you practice the yogic guideline of 12 Sun Salutations a day is all you need for great health.

Evening Stretch- The yin to Sunrise's yang, this class moves at a slower pace, with clear instruction to keep you safe. This is a great class for beginners to learn how to modify poses.



Yin Yoga- This class emphasizes a deep 'let go' in all poses. Poses are held for extended periods, often with the assistance of props like blocks and cushions to ease you into a deeper stretch.

Slow Flow- Slowing down the flow can help you maintain control of your breath and intensify your practice. Gentle flow allows a person to become familiar with his/her body, create a reflective pause to explore the details of each pose and what it has to offer and create the time to go inward.

Flow & Glow- Flow yoga is a real workout as challenges of practice are in total service of transformation of mind, body and spirit. You build heat, sweat and you glow - both body and soul.

Fundalini (aka Energy Yoga)- This class is based upon the principles of Kundalini Yoga, combining breath, with repetitive movement as well as mantra and mudras to give you a full sensory experience. Kundalini is unlike any other yoga, it will truly work you to clearing your mind, body and spirit of energy blocks and create true peace in meditation. It can be a bit ridiculous at times, with lots of laughter, hence the FUN in the Fundalini.

Core Yoga- This wonderful all level class has an emphasis on building your core. You will be guided through a flowing vinyasa sequence that will help build strength in all the right places to support your spine and sense of well being. Elements of pilates will be included in this flow, combined with traditional hatha yoga.

Moon Yoga- Each New & Full moon a special series called Moon Salutations will be demonstrated. This class is 45 minutes with an extended 15 minute meditation at the end.

Yoga Dance- Visit vinyasa (flow) yoga to a rocking beat. Regular poses will be held with an additional movement. This class will incorporate some kundalini & kundadance flows as well. 30 minutes.

Yoga Deep- Deep stretches and long held poses to give time to truly relax during yoga. Designed as a great complement to the heat built up during Yoga Dance. 30 minutes.

Alignment Check- For those who are doing yoga at home without feedback or observation by a qualified teacher, this class free service will help make sure you are getting the most out of your poses. Online, once a month, one pose will be broken down with helpful hints.

Spiritual Yoga- Combining peaceful yoga with meditation and mindfulness practices, this yoga will help you get in touch with your spirituality. Using mantra and mudras to help you learn what a divine spiritual being you truly are, you will then be led on a guided meditation to relaxation.

Chakra Yoga- Balancing the free flowing energy of the chakras is the key to health on all levels. Every week, we will explore a different chakra, going up and down these energy centers to help you feel balanced, happy and healthy!

Meditation/Yoga Nidra descriptions here.