Special Yoga Events:

Yoga for the Seasons with Anu

Second Saturday at 12:30pm

Rediscover the body’s innate wisdom and inherent joy by living in balance from season to season. What is occurring in nature is also occurring in each of us. We are not separate from nature. From an Ayurvedic perspective, we are composed of the same basic 5 elements - ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

It’s imperative to reconnect to nature for our own healing. Seasonal Yoga is a class to help align the changing energies of nature and the seasons into our practice. Each class will help improve physical strength and flexibility while providing balance and harmony. Let’s bring awareness to the rhythms of the seasons and appreciate how beautiful and dynamic life is!

Cost: $20, 90 minute Class

Introduction to Yoga-- A Private Class

Whether you have never done yoga before, or are looking for more clarification with your yoga practice, this is the class for you!
Learn what Namaste' really means, what those blocks are for, why alignment is so important, and whether yoga will change your life for the better.

What are the different styles of yoga? Which one is right for you? Do chakras matter? Who made up this whole yoga thing anyway? What the heck is a yama... or niyama? Let's break it all down.

This class will have movement, as well as discussion time with pps. You will get a chance to explore your poses in depth, receive feedback and have time to ask your questions, stuff we don't normally have time in a regular flowing class to do!

This class is 90 minutes, and held by appointment only. Cost: $115

Seasonal Yoga
Private Yoga