What to Expect with an Appointment with Deb:

An initial cleaning/clearing of the chakras and luminous field surrounding the body is completed before moving into the healing ceremony that is uniquely for you.  Deb helps you release the issues through your chakras using her hands, energy stones, and sounds from a rattle and drum.  At the end of the session you should feel a strong sense of relaxation, peace and clarity.


Services Include: Counseling, Clearing Fear/Trauma, Soul Retrieval, Timeline Trauma Removal, Extractions, Chakra Energy Alignment, Restoring Harmony, Distance Healing, Spirit/Animal Guide Retrieval, Sound Healing, Energy Balancing.

Deb Heisel - Shaman/Energy Healer


Deb Heisel is a certified Shamanic practitioner, full Mesa carrier, and has received the 9 Rites of Munay Ki.

She channels Spirit Guides and Teachers, plus Animal, Tree and Wind Spirits to Find Your Soul Purpose and Healing.

In 1984, Deb was introduced to her spiritual path, which sent her down a winding road of self-discovery.  The hidden push was the desire to heal all the broken parts from childhood, and heal a genetically inherited depression.  As she learned different healing modalities, relief was always temporary, never permanent.

Deb came “home” when she found shamanism, re-discovering her path of many lifetimes as a Healer, ultimately fully transforming and personally healing herself on all levels.  Her shamanic healing work is based in Andean cosmology, blended with strong ties to Asian traditions, and her Native AmericanGuides and Teachers.

Deb channels Spirit Guides and Teachers through her daily journal writings.  Communication and training continue as her teachers and guides deliver messages and instructions from the other side of the veil to bring Healing, Hope, and Love at this time for everyone. 

Very recently, her Teachers gifted instructions through her writings for a new healing ceremony that clears trauma from all timelines and opens the door to discovering one’s Soul Purpose.

Deb also works with Animal and Tree Spirits, and practices Weather Shamanism with a direct benevolent relationship with the Wind.

After 35+ years in the corporate world, Deb now pursues full time her “soul purpose” of awakening, healing, and helping each person remember their soul’s purpose for being here on earth, at this present time, of great change and awakening.

Deb is so honored and humbled to be an energetic conduit and hollow bone for guides and teachers to work through her bringing healing for each person.