Gentle Stretch & Gentle Yoga

All yoga can be gentle, our instructors encourage you to honor yourself and your body! However, sometimes it's nice to practice with others who are looking to ease their minds and bodies with a slower flow or extra relax time. 

Gentle Stretch, Gentle Yoga are classes that links body movement and breath. As we stretch and strengthen the body, we focus on improving present moment awareness as we gradually introduce and deepen our postures by moving gradually and dynamically. At times we will hold some of the poses for a few breaths while we practice mindful breathing and centering. Meditation is a wonderful addition to every yoga class, these classes will give extra time for practicing.

Modifications are offered for students of all yoga levels and as strength, flexibility and endurance increase students are encouraged to deepen their practice.  

Gentle Stretch with Sheree

Thursdays at 7:00pm

Sheree tailors this class to our yogis with special issues, often having to do with aging or injury. Sheree knows just how to modify to keep knees, hips, shoulders and backs happy. Feel free to use a chair in this class, you won't be the only one! 

You will love Sheree's calm, loving style, she brings humor and warmth to the old adage "Getting older is not for sissies!".

Our Gentle & Beginner Classes:

Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Heather Dearie

Wednesdays at 10:00am

Start the day with gentle stretching and movements to wake up the body as you get ready for your day. This class will focus on stretching and breathing, not feats of strength or flexibility. We will pay attention to what are bodies are telling us and what it needs by taking it slow and being mindful.  The meditations during class will allow you to get through your day with less stress and anxiety, focus on your breathing, and be present.


This class is appropriate for beginners or those who do not think they can do yoga. We welcome those who may have physical limitations or those that may have an injury. If you do not like faster paced yoga then come give this class a try!


Join us for a hour of bliss and focus on your physical health and mental well-being!