For years, people have told Linda that the conversation before and after Reiki was sometimes just as healing as the Reiki is. In her Way to Wellness program, the clients love having 2 hours to discuss different healing techniques and do some brainstorming on any blocks they are having. But you don't have to join the program to get this time!
During your 1-2 hour session, you will talk, learn or practice anything that interests you: Reiki, Readings, Astrology, Ayurveda, Crystals, Meditation, Yoga, Angels, Spirituality, or more. This is your time to do whatever will make you feel a little better right now!
Appointments will be held using Zoom, or if you prefer, we can talk on the phone.
Cost is just $70 per hour, bonus services during hour such as Reiki, Readings, Yoga, etc. are included in price. Book your time today and get the help you need.