We seek to spread peace, healing and unconditional love to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

At Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center you will find true attention to body, mind and spirit through...

•The ancient practices of Yoga to promote wellness, strength and flexibility in our bodies.
•Meditation to help quiet the mind so we may listen to the small, still voice of God.
•Spirited workshops designed to explore your inner self and build community.

Imaging Yoga & Wellness Center has four beautiful rooms to honor traditional elements:

Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire.

Water is our space for Reiki and meditation.  We practice sharing healing energy and have discussion groups in our comfy chairs and couch.

Earth, the blue studio, is our room primarily for our group practices of yoga and dance.  In Earth you will ground yourself, reconnecting to Source.

Wind, our purple butterfly room, offers another space for yoga, especially our children's classes.

Fire, our orange room, is a space for our creative endeavors, enhancing the energy of our sacral chakras.


Located in the Community Education building behind CCPC, our studio offers a place of beauty and peace for all our clients. As a blessing to their members and the community, CCPC has provided us this space at a cost that allows us to keep our prices accessible to a wider community.  Imagine Center can bring relaxation and self awareness to the Bowie community without having to become a high priced wellness center that would eliminate many of the people we hope to serve!

Join us in the studio for yoga classes, SoulCollage®Reiki, and other inspiring workshops.  Come see our beautiful studio, overlooking the magnificent trees surrounding the serene Memorial Gardens.

Breathe deep and free your spirit.