Join us on the first Wednesday of every month, 6:00-8:00pm, either in our studio or online to explore such great topics like:


And of course, much, much more. Can't wait to see our wonderful Seeker friends and to make new ones.  All are welcome. You will find this to be an extremely warm, understanding group of people who lack judgement. Most heard comment at Seekers "I thought I was the only one who felt this way!" The answer is... you're not! Come meet your soul family!

First Wednesday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm Cost:  $20. Includes Refreshments.

If you are joining us remotely, you must register and pay in advance to get the link to our Zoom conferencing program.

Cost: $15, since you'll need to provide your own refreshments 🙂



Have you been searching for a place to rest, to relax and to find Sanctuary? In this noisy, hectic world, it can sometimes be difficult to experience true spirituality, especially with others in a formal space.

We love to feel the Spirit within at Imagine. We love to share that joy of Spirit with one another. We are always surprised at what we learn in our groups, our meditations, our events and our daily practices.


A Sister Circle is a Sacred, Women Only space where we share our journey, insights and stories. It is a safe space for women to be heard, seen and to transform.

Each sister circle is a unique experience influenced by the facilitator, the women participating, the location and cultural traditions.

We inspire self-forgiveness, empowerment and healthy relationships with other women. We embrace the feminine essence by lovings ourselves, our rhythms and intuition. 

Global Sister Circle Meets Every New Moon at Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center.

6:00 - 8:00pm

Cost: $15 with a portion dedicated to supporting the Global Sisterhood.

More information at