Have you been searching for a place to rest, to relax and to find Sanctuary? In this noisy, hectic world, it can sometimes be difficult to experience true spirituality, especially with others in a formal space.

We love to feel the Spirit within at Imagine. We love to share that joy of Spirit with one another. We are always surprised at what we learn in our groups, our meditations, our events and our daily practices.


Join us in the studio or via Zoom on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm to explore amazing inspirations we have found like:


And of course, much, much more. 

  This special group has been meeting for the last 10 years whenever possible. We have supported one another through all the big events of life, globally and personally. We welcome newbies and regulars with open arms, warm smiles and much compassion.

The conversation varies according to events happening in astrology, spiritually, cosmically and based on what the group is experiencing collectively at the time. All ages, cultures, religions are welcome and respected. You will find this to be an extremely warm, understanding group of people who lack judgement.

Most heard comment at Seekers "I thought I was the only one who felt this way!" The answer is... you're not! Come meet your soul family!

Cost:  $20. 

Sign up for class below, just search the date. See you there!

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New Offering!

Tea Time Talk with Linda

Wednesdays at 3:00pm

Join Linda for a relaxing hour or so, talking and connecting.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, pull up a comfy chair and log on to zoom for a pleasant hour or so of conversation and smiles.
The topics are limitless: books, movies, self care techniques, spirituality, or even just a general check in to make sure we are all doing okay right now!
In old England, tea time was a pleasant pause to your day, let's bring the custom back~~ tea cookies or crumpets welcome too!
Included in our regular pricing. 


These are amazing times, filled with synchronicity and inspiration. We have been given a road map through the many different ways that spirit has been able to reach us, through books, movies, teachers and gurus; willing to guide us to a New Earth, to a new dimension, to a more peaceful union between Divine Source and Divine Being.

Let's focus on that road map, and let it help us through to a higher space, the highest intentions of the highest good.

Bring your inspirations, Linda will have plenty to share. Have a notebook, highlighter, pen and any other method of capturing your hearts intuition.

Cost: $20 This class will be held via Zoom.

You may pay for these events at the studio when we are there,  Venmo (Linda-Miller-230) or online with mindbody, just use the registration form. Another option is to click the Paypal link above.