Spring 2010 065

Sometimes inspiration comes from shared experiences. Upon completion of our Crystal Series, the attendees groaned, "NO, we don't want this to end!" In that moment, Seekers was born. We started with once a month, but had so much fun and enlightenment we wanted more. The conversation is lively, covering many topics such as:  Crystals, Spirit, Reiki, Meditation, Tarot, Angels, Great Books & Movies, and much more.

We usually begin with picking an oracle card to get to know one another and then let the discussion be based on questions the Seekers have or a sharing of interesting insights. Linda always has interesting things for the Seekers to do if the conversation lags, you never know whether we will be trying a new crystal meditation, listening to a guided visualization or doing some impromptu readings.  The only thing for sure is that you will leave energized, inspired and ready to face the next day with the comfort of knowing you are not alone, we are all exploring many paths and are walking them together!

All are welcome. It's even OK if you need to be late.

Light refreshments are provided.


Seekers meets every other Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, our new series begins January 4th.

Seekers alternates with special events like Restorative Yoga, Tarot Workshops, Crystal Sound Baths and much, much more. Check out our calendar for dates and times.


Cost:  $20 Special Seekers pricing is available. Buy 2 Seekers for $35, 4 for $65. Special events are priced separately.


Some of our topics include (but are not limited to):

Spiritual Insights and Tools

Linda has read tarot for over 30 years and loves to share the gift of intuition development.She has trained with Lisa Williams and Doreen Virtue, and is a certified Angel Card Reader. Using Angel Cards, Oracles, Runes, Tarot and any tool that bring us closer to the wisdom of the Spirit, we will learn what our subconscious is trying to tell us to make our lives more fulfilling. Symbols and imagery are powerful tools of insight and intuition, and Angels are divine messengers that speak to us in whatever way we will listen. Feel free to bring your own decks anytime.


Crystals are fascinating pieces of energy with myriad uses. We love to share our latest finds, whether it be a new way to use them or a special prize specimen. Bring your favorites or newest stones for show & tell and share your crystal stories. Together, we will learn to let these amazing treasures add protection and peace to our homes, to our minds and to our spirits. Whether you just think they are pretty or you are interested in deepening your understanding, you will find enthusiastic conversation with this group.