Have you been searching for a place to rest, to relax and to find Sanctuary?

In this noisy, hectic world, it can sometimes be difficult to experience true spirituality, especially with others in a formal space. We love to feel the Spirit within at Imagine. We love to share that joy of Spirit with one another and with YOU.

Seekers Tomorrow!


Are you interested in: Crystals--Astrology--Tarot--Spirits--Meditations--Angels--Reiki--Yoga

  This special group has been meeting for the last 10 years whenever possible. We have supported one another through all the big events of life, globally and personally. We welcome newbies and regulars with open arms, warm smiles and much compassion.

The conversation varies according to events happening in astrology, spiritually, cosmically and based on what the group is experiencing collectively at the time. All ages, cultures, religions are welcome and respected. You will find this to be an extremely warm, understanding group of people who lack judgement.

Most heard comment at Seekers "I thought I was the only one who felt this way!" The answer is... you're not! Come meet your soul family!

Cost:  $20. 

Spiritual Offerings
Spiritual Yoga

Sunday Spirit

First Sunday of each month at 3:30pm

In ancient times, Sundays were sacred. Known as the day of rest, people stopped working and spent time with themselves and their loved ones. Even in recent memories, Sundays meant stores were closed, and big family dinners. Times have changed... but we still have Sundays!
Barry & Linda are combining to teach a class with the best elements of their Spiritual and Meditation classes. Gentle Yoga, Chi Gong, Meditation, Mantra, Mudras and some special practices designed to bring the sacred into your everyday world... especially on Sunday.
This class will take a closer look at the spiritual side of yoga, exploring the meanings behind the poses, and incorporating other practices to help you tune in to the small, still voice inside of you.
This class will be 75 minutes, and include an extended guided meditation at the end. Relax with us! Class will be held online, recordings available.

Payment for classes may also be made:

Through Zelle 301-512-6416

At the studio via cash, check or credit card

By Mail to: PO Box 5562 Emerald Isle, NC 28594

You may also keep a credit card on file with us. Contact Barry@ImagineThePlace.com for instructions.

Psychic Channelers Weds. April 14th 6pm

Psychic Channelers

Tuesday, August 24th at 6pm

In Studio Only

Sold Out- Waiting List Available- Class fluctuates, so make sure you get on the waiting list if you would like to attend.

Many of our Seekers have worked hard since 2012 to develop the ability to hear what spirit is saying, and to bring forth the Aquarian age as Lightworkers. This group will come together as the soul family we are, and receive the messages we need to take us to the next dimension.
Join us to gather in person. We will meet outside if possible, or get creative inside if the weather is tricky. There will not be a laptop or phone in sight. We will talk and smile and feel each others wonderful energy. And then allow our minds to come together as one, in safe sacred space.
Trust your gut, your heart and your health to decide if this is right for you. You do not have to think you are psychic to attend, just be open to the possibility, since Linda firmly believes that all have the gift of intuition. This group will be for the greater good, there will be no competition or judgement allowed. All shall be heard. Cost: $20