Curious about crystals and their energetic properties?

Interested in learning more about how to use of these beautiful stones to balance the energies in your life?  

Allow Linda to guide you in an all new series of workshops designed to increase your informed and intuitive use of the unique vibrations of these ancient elements.

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Crystal Chat

Wednesday, February 21st 6:00 - 8:00pm

Join Linda to learn all about why we use crystals to enhance our daily life. You will learn more about the crystal workshop series and have some help deciding which workshop is best for your needs. Linda will also help you identify the crystals you already have, time permitting.
Includes a starter Crystal Set that you pick based on your needs and feelings.  Let Linda show you some fun ways to add crystals to your everyday environment to manifest your highest intentions of the highest good. $30, includes coupon for 10% off the workshop series.



Crystal Workshop Series

Crystal I- Chakra Basics

March 11, 2018

Learn which crystals are best for each chakra and how to use them. Learn how to clean, store and power them up!

Crystal II- Aromatherapy

April 29th, 2018 

Learn how to mix crystals with doTERRA essential oils to create powerful, personal blends* to help keep you focused on your goals, intentions and life!


Crystal III- Grids

June 3rd, 2018 

Learn to place crystals in special patterns to send healing,  project your goals and create wellness.

Crystal IV- Feng Shui

July 14th, 2018 

Using crystals to activate the areas of your home relating to love, wealth, health and more.


•Each class includes Crystals, Pouch, Certificate of Completion & Refreshments. •You don't have to take the classes in order. •Space will be limited to 10, must RSVP and pay deposit to assure materials are available. Cost: $75, deposit of $50 holds your place in the class.

To register for a Crystal Workshop, click the MindBody logo below.  

Workshops are listed as "Enrollments".

Have you ever experienced the healing powers of crystals? Often, in Reiki treatments, crystals are added to enhance the energy of Reiki.  A full crystal treatment is quite different. You will consult with the crystal specialist, who then decides which crystals are best for your needs, and where to best place them. You will then lay down, fully clothed, on a heated massage table for 20-30 minutes, listening to soft music,  while the crystals generate the balance your body needs.

This is a lovely quiet time for you to snuggle under blankets, rest and allow the healing to take place. The healer will then return, scan your body and remove the crystals when you are ready. The results may be remarkable!

Try a crystal healing session today! Consultation and treatment is just $75 and includes 3 crystals to take home and continue the healing. Call 443-510-6308 or visit our appointment scheduler here.

crystal grass grid

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