Crystals for Healing and Wellness

Coming Up:
Creating Sanctuary with Feng Shui & Crystals
Sunday, October 13th
10:30am - 2:30pm
Isn't it time you took a deep breath and relaxed everyday? Wouldn't you love to have a place that encouraged you to sink in and be inspired to let go of all the negativity we encounter in our days? You can create a space, inwardly and outwardly, that reflects your deepest spiritual side and brings you hope and peace, even in the darkest times. 
Join Linda, as she shares what she feels is her true mission in life: creating Sanctuary. Learn how to use crystals, aromatherapy, altars, feng shui and much more, to give you a peaceful space to call your own. You will leave with crystals and treasures for your very own altar, that YOU will put together using the basics of Sanctuary, giving you the inspiration to create your own Sanctuary in your home. 
Restorative Yoga and simple meditation techniques complete this day. Come relax deeply, this is your opportunity to create peace in your life. $125, includes take home crystals, lunch, instruction and more. Limited to 10, register early.

You may pay for events and appointments in studio with cash, check or credit card, or in advance with Venmo

(Linda-Miller-230), Mindbody or Paypal

Call (443) 510-6308 for gift certificates and more information

Crystal Consultations

Online & In Person

Have you ever experienced the healing powers of crystals? These amazing rocks act as reminders of the higher self, and talismans for your wellness program.

In Person: You will consult with Linda, who will then decide which crystals are best for your needs, and where to best place them. You will then lay down, fully clothed, on a heated massage table for at least 30 minutes, listening to soft music,  while the crystals generate the balance your body needs. Reiki and Sound Healing may be included, if indicated.

This is a lovely quiet time for you to snuggle under blankets, to rest and allow the healing to take place. The healer will then return, scan your body and remove the crystals when you are ready. The results may be remarkable!

Consultation and treatment is just $75 and includes 3 crystals to take home and continue the healing. 

Online:  Love crystals but don't know which ones work best for your needs? In need of healing for yourself or a loved one, and want the added boost of crystal energy?

After you book your appointment, you will be emailed an small questionnaire to help establish your needs. Then, you will join Linda online for a 30 minute phone or video chat to discuss the findings and get further clarification to ensure just the right crystals for you. 
After the call, Linda will put together a package of 3-5 crystals chosen just for you. You will receive the Reiki activated crystals, along with detailed explanations of what each crystal is designed to do. You can then either pick up at the studio, or have them mailed to you. There is a $10 discount off the low price of $70 if you pick them up. Additional crystals may be purchased as well. Questions are welcomed during the call!
Please make sure to have a quiet, uninterrupted space for the call to ensure you receive a peaceful consultation.

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