Jerry Pape, M. Div., RMT, CCH 

Jerry brings a lifetime of formal study and personal experience to help you deepen your spiritual life. Jerry is dedicated to meeting you where you are on your spiritual journey.
He has ministered to others in numerous pastoral settings. Jerry also incorporates native and earth based spirituality into his practice. He has completed a course in shamanism. He is a member of Spiritual Directors International, SDI. Jerry has his Reiki Master Teacher certification and has dedicated many years to his practice. Jerry provides Reiki healing sessions with consistent positive results. Reiki treats the whole person. You can benefit by being present and open to its restorative effects. 

Jerry was introduced to the healing and spiritual properties of crystals at Imagine, where he completed the entire Crystal workshop series. He works daily with crystals for wellness, healing and spiritual growth. Jerry continued his studies in the metaphysical properties of crystals. He is a Certified Crystal Healer.

Jerry is a member of the following associations:


Jerry’s qualifications include: 

10 years as a Franciscan friar, studying in the Franciscan tradition of spirituality 

Master’s degree in Divinity in Pastoral Theology (Washington Theological Union) 

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy 

Studied theology at the Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal) 

Helped found the Pastoral Care team for Dignity Washington 

Served on Dignity Washington Board of Directors