Sunrise Yoga with Barry

Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:00am

Ask anyone and they will tell you that the best time to do yoga is at sunrise. Most hardcore yogis have tried to maintain a sunrise practices, but few succeed on their own! When we have others to practice with, we tend to drag ourselves out to invigorate our week on Tuesdays... and Fridays will help you invigorate your weekend.
Join a small group of committed early risers, get your yoga on and then get on with your day! The regulars LOVE this class, even when it's hard to get themselves there on those extra cold days. The yoga will warm you from the inside out!
 In Sunrise Yoga we will begin with gentle stretch and breath to wake the body and mind. Following up with 12 Sun Salutations and we will end with 10-15 minutes of meditation to prepare you for your day ahead. We will finish promptly at 6:45 am so we can move into our day  refreshed and motivated.
If you attend in the studio, feel free to bring a change of clothes, or stash your yoga clothes and gear in our cubbies in the dressing room so you head to work looking as fresh as the yoga makes you feel.