Kyle Brooks

Shiatsu, a Japanese word for “finger pressure,” is similar to acupressure, restoring the balance of energy (chi) in the body. Balanced chi promotes physical comfort, improves immunity, and strengthens and stabilizes emotional and physical health.A private Shiatsu session will last about an hour.  You will lie comfortably on a futon on the floor, fully clothed.  There are no needles, no oils.  Kyle will gently press, stretch and otherwise manipulate your limbs to encourage the flow of energy. Kyle graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2008 after two years of study and eighteen months of internship. She approaches her practice with compassion, a sense of awe for the body, and a respect for the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory.

reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing experience; and can improve circulation, immune function and structural alignment of the body. Babies and children also benefit from stimulation on the feet as it can be helpful for colic, sinus congestion, constipation, relaxation; even ADD (attention deficit disorder) has been reduced.


For more information, or to arrange an appointment at  
Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center,

contact Kyle at 443-514-4399 or visit

Appointments with Kyle are available

the 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month.

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A single session with Kyle is $85 or

You can purchase 3 Sessions for only $210