Kathryn Barrett-Gaines

KBG is a comedian, radio and TV host, actor, author, and teacher in the US and in Uganda.  She played the Apollo in Harlem; she performed for years with a wildly popular Ugandan artist, and published a book about him in Uganda.  She is a weekly columnist for Uganda’s Observer under her stage name, Omwana w’Omuzungu.  She was born and raised in Washington DC, earned a Ph.D. in African and African American History from Stanford University, and is a professor on the Eastern Shore where she also hosts a radio show.  There's lots more, but you can google it. 🙂 KBG believes that yoga is for people who have never done yoga, have no interest in yoga, hate the last time they did yoga, roll their eyes at yoga, fear yoga, don't have a yoga body, feel old, can't bend, are in pain, plan to do yoga next year, can't afford yoga, don't have time for yoga, can't stand yoga teachers, think yoga is for girls, think yoga is for white girls, think yoga is for skinny white girls, don't like being judged, don't have yoga pants. She believes in the greatness of not-stretchy men, old people, broke people, broke-down people, thick people, and intimidated people, basically ALL people.

Imagine is fortunate to have such a great addition to our staff!