ages 5 & Up

with Della, Domonique and Michaela Bobian!

Third Saturday of Each Month

Next one: Saturday, June 23rd

12:30 - 2:30pm

Yoga, Art, Meditation, Fun, Snacks and MORE!

Price: $25

($20 for 2nd Kid, $15 each additional Kid)

Join a circle of friends who playfully learn yoga poses, easing into meditation techniques that can all help balance the demands of the school, family, and friends.  See how fun it can be to balance in Tree Pose while you’re laughing, or wiggle through our Down Dog Tunnel.  Learn the magic of meditation with guided imagery, and even a little Sanskrit!

Imagine if you had learned how to manage your stress starting from when you were a child, learning to tune into your inner voice, breathe deep and let go. Our classes for children invite playful, free movement, while also providing instruction in breathing and stretching techniques that will help them stay fit, manage stress, and have fun for years to come.

Kids Yoga 3-11 016