What is Ballet Barre?

Ballet barre work is a compilation of exercises designed to strengthen and sharpen both the body and the mind. This is how every ballet class starts whether you’re an absolute beginner or a prima ballerina.
Did you know that learning to dance is the most effective way to strengthen or heal your brain from trauma such as concussions, stress, and substance abuse? No other activity lights up as many areas in your brain at once creating new neuropathways and improving memory.
Kimberly’s barre class has been designed to give your body a workout in the same way a ballerina conditions. You’ll be doing exercises to stretch, strengthen, and tone while learning the foundation of every form of dance all while sharpening your mind, improving posture, balance and even learning French.
Students will need to have something to hold onto, such as a chair, that comes to about elbow height. A tile floor is preferred but carpet can be used with preferably canvas or ballet shoes...socks can be worn instead but may be worn out with the friction of the exercises on carpet!

Kimberly Greene (Kimberly Miller)

Kimberly’s yoga journey began in Linda Miller’s class at imagine the day they opened 1/1/2011. It inspired a healthy new way to move her body and calm her mind. Kimberly has always found solace in her yoga practice in times of uncomfortable change and growth.

Now a decade later, in these uncertain times, it seems fit to embark on her teaching journey where it began. Kimberly is an artist in many ways. She is professional ballerina, licensed massage therapist, reiki master ( soon to be reiki master teacher) ballet instructor, painter, musician, and currently exploring aerial acrobatics.

One of her favorite quotes is, “The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for anyone but inspire them?” -Bob Dylan.

Kimberly hopes to inspire her students to explore, play, heal, grow, love, create, and to be ok wherever they are.

Kimberly is a native of the Chicago area, and currently lives in San Diego, CA.  Kimberly joined City Ballet of San Diego in 2012,  starring in many of the company’s productions. She currently teaches ballet to children at City Ballet School. Imagine is thrilled to have Kimberly join our team!

Kimberly teaches Ballet Barre on Mondays at 7pm, and All Level Yoga on Thursdays at 7pm.