Laura is back from maternity leave and we are delighted to have her resume her Thursday morning at 10:30am class!

Laura first started coming to the mat in 2007.  Her love of yoga deepened as she discovered a new and unexpected sense of empowerment, awareness, and self-love.  In 2010, she became certified to teach voluntary outreach yoga to in-need and at-risk populations through the Yoga Gangsters (now known as the Coalition Connection) with Terri Cooper in Miami, FL.  She taught yoga on and off for the next few years in rehabs, counseling centers, detoxes, and halfway houses.  In 2017, she participated in the yoga teacher training program at Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center under the mentorship of Linda Miller.  She is thrilled to now be regularly teaching at Imagine! 
In December of 2016, Laura suffered from a back injury and thought she would no longer be able to do yoga due to chronic pain.  Months of physical therapy, persistence, and patience have changed her and her practice for the better.  Laura's experience with past injuries has allowed her to have a deeper appreciation for proper alignment, safety, and respecting oneself. Ensuring her students are safe is her number one priority. 
Laura's classes are spirited, uplifting, and just a great way to let go.  She encourages an atmosphere of non-judgement and self acceptance. And you know what, everyone is welcome!  She offers modifications for beginners and amplifications for more experienced yogis.  In her class, you will definitely sweat and you will definitely smile.  Hope to see you there!

As her student Leslie wrote: I enjoyed my visit so much last Friday. Laura was the best instructor. I now know to gauge all others to her. Best part was her chant at the end. Just a great vibe. Will be back very soon. Thank you again.