Laura Carson

Laura began practicing yoga, all be it intermittent, in 2005. She became more focused after relocating to Bowie in 2019 when she found her way into the Imagine studio.  Despite an often more than full time job, you can find her in the studio most days of the week, either on the mat or table or in a comfy chair.

Laura is a life long learner in a wide variety of subjects including interior design, elementary education, and Reiki.  She began a more in depth exploration of the use of plants to improve health naturally by returning to the classroom in 2017 for a certificate in Clinical Herbalism. She began her yoga teacher training in 2020 and is very excited to develop and expand her knowledge and expertise in this area which has become such an important tool in her overall life.

Laura loves to be outdoors, especially the beach.  She believes if your feet are not on the mat they need to be in the sand!

Rise and shine early to come and share practice with Laura at 6:00am on Tuesdays!