Imagine... Meditation (2)

Group Class Info:

  • All group meditation classes are recorded and can be requested by texting 443-510-6308.
  • Recordings must be viewed within 36 hours.
  • Tuesday's Meditation is Online via Zoom.

Private Meditation Classes

  • 30 Minute Appointments are Online Only via Zoom.
  • 60 Minute Appointments can be Online or In Studio.
  • You will be led through a tension release meditation to relax your body,
    and then some visualization exercises to relax your mind.
  • Class can be tailored to fit your meditative needs.
  • Class can be combined with a regular private yoga class.

Preferred Method of Payment: 

Cash or Check at the Studio

Or by Mail to: PO Box 5562 Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Contact for instructions.

Private Classes & Recordings

Available Videos

  • Cottage by the Sea: This gentle stretch with clearing the days energy, and soothing movements on the floor by your bed. We then move into a series of poses in your bed, before snuggling in for a wonderful trip to a deep rest by the sea.
  • Guide: Linda Miller Time: 24 mins
  • Under the Stars by a Mountain Stream: We begin standing with gentle forward bends. We then move into gentle leg stretches, either on the floor or in the bed, and finally child's pose. Then lay back and relax completely as we take a soothing journey under the stars and into a beautiful nights' sleep.
  • Guide:  Barry Miller  Time: 30 mins
  • Hot Air Balloon: We start with a gentle sequence that includes the restorative pose: Legs Up the Wall (or Bed), and then ease under the covers while we are led into a peaceful release of all of our cares and worries.
  • Guide:  Linda Miller  Time: 23 mins
  • Healing Waterfall: We start with seated forward bends on the bed, and then snuggle up to listen to an extended meditation that activates your chakras to heal your whole body while resting by a waterfall.
  • Guide: Barry Miller  Time: 31 mins
  • Overnight Train: This soothing series begins with supported forward bends and a gentle movement sequence on the bed. After a luxurious child's pose and some easy twists, we relax on a train that lulls us to peace.
  • Guide: Barry Miller  Time: 25 mins