Why Meditate?

People say to us in yoga all the time, “Oh I just can’t meditate, my mind won’t stop. It’s just a waste of time!” This is good.  This is the beginning, to notice that your mind won’t stop, to notice that at any given moment you have a million things running through your mind, now you have started to meditate.

Author Eckhart Tolle says, “One conscious breath is a meditation.. just one.”

When we stop feeling at the mercy of the mind, we can begin to relax.  When we stop attaching to the endless thoughts, we can rest.  We can allow the thoughts to go by, as if on a cloud, watching in amusement.  This is meditation.

But meditation takes practice.  Why do you think the monks live on the mountaintops for their whole lives? It’s easier to meditate when you have less distraction, when the tv isn’t blaring bad news, without the phone ringing, when you can simply sit, quietly watching your breath go in and out.  The monks know that if they dedicate their time to meditation, they will have full lives. They just need to keep practicing. But most of us can’t go live on a mountaintop… so we let the mountain come to us!


We set aside time to try out different techniques, teaching ourselves what works for us.  We find that we CAN be silent for 10 minutes. We CAN keep focus on a candle flame. We CAN find peace within, regardless of what goes on outside of us.  We learn that we are all in the same metaphysical boat… our minds are busy, we can allow them to be busy while we rest within.

Around the Full and New Moons each month we have special meditations to honor the seasons and elements that surround us.

Join us for the Delve Deeper series each month-- this month will be all about chakras. 

New Moon Global Sister Circle offers meditation as well. Every month, every new moon.

Relax your mind
Meditating with a group is powerful, inspiring and life changing. We will explore a variety of practices that have been found to be calming, peaceful and restful. Whether you feel as though you are just starting your spiritual journey or you’ve found an unexpected fork in the road, Meditation at Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center offers a place just right for you to listen to the wisdom of your own heart. Take time to study and experience the peaceful power of group meditation.
For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. – Lily Tomlin