A chance to unplug...

Imagine feels like the only way to get through stressful times is to replenish our strength, unplug from the constant noise and frustrations, and deeply let go. We want to give you the opportunity to breathe, without doing, and settle into silence, allowing stillness to restore your spirit.

Our meditation class is designed to allow space for quiet, and give time to rest. Guided meditation, silent meditation, candles, this will be a time to breathe deeply and connect on a simpler level. We may move a bit to settle in, but the emphasis will be on quieting the mind in a gentle way.

You do not need to lay on the floor, chairs will be provided if you desire. Blankets, cushions and pillows as well. Class continues every Thursday at 545pm. Drop ins welcome, no experience necessary, Sheree will help you!

Just like yoga, meditating with a group is powerful, inspiring and life changing. Sheree will combine the best of gentle breathing techniques, a bit of movement, with deep meditation, to help you build a practice that is right for you.
The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.
– Sydney J. Harris