Private Yoga can be arranged for you, your friends, moms, dads, work colleagues and more. We can even come to you live via zoom. How about a 30 minute stretch at lunch?
Your day, your time, Try it out! We also offer online, interactive classes, designed to help you keep your practice up during these stressful times!
Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Can’t find a time or class that suits you?

Imagine is blessed with teachers who are happy to meet you at your convenience. We can set a regular time for you to meet us via Zoom, where we can interact and help you correct alignment and ask questions, just like if you were in the studio!

Private Yoga Sessions are $70 an hour or 4 classes for $250. Or if you prefer, $40 per half hour with 4 classes for $150. Private yoga fees can be split among participants up to 8

Private yoga can be a wonderful way to improve your confidence and flexibility by working on alignment and taking things at your pace. Private yoga is great for everyone, whether you are brand new to yoga, or have been doing yoga for years!

Private Aerial Yoga too!