Private Yoga

Can’t find a time or class that suits your special needs? 

Imagine is blessed with teachers who are happy to meet you at your convenience. We can set a regular time at the studio, or even come to your place of work!

Private yoga fees can be split among participants. Private Yoga Sessions are $65 each or (4) sessions for $270, regardless of attendees.

Schedule online with our top teachers or call the studio 443-510-6308 for more information.


Pre/Post Natal Yoga

(available as a private class)


Exercising for two?

Whether you are pregnant or recently had a baby, you may have some questions about how to modify or begin your fitness routine. Yoga provides the gentle work out you’ve been looking for. In this class, you will learn how to modify poses to keep you and your baby safe while maximizing your spiritual and physical fitness.

Give yourself and your little one a little peace, learning how to adjust your practice for home or group classes.  


Join Aimee for a lovely exploration of divine feminine energy and how yoga can help women get in touch with their sacred intuitive  power.
PreNatal, PostNatal, and Women in all stages of life are invited for this special 90 minute workshop. Special emphasis on heart and hip openers, deep breath work, and relaxing with beautiful mantra chants, especially created by women. A special savasana will be entered as well.
Let yourself give birth to the highest creation-- YOU.
The deepest experience of the creator is feminine, for it is experience of receiving and bearing.~~Rainer Maria Rilke