In Reiki Level II, you will become attuned to 3 sacred symbols passed down from Dr. Usui. You will learn to draw them and discover what they are used for. You will also learn how to perform Distant Healing, Self Care, Japanese Reiki Techniques and much more.

Level II Certification includes a new manual, all instruction and follow up.Many find Level II to be freeing, simplifying the process and amplifying the energy discovered in Level I. The symbols act as powerful mind-setters, helping you become instantly aware of the energy you are asking for.

There is not a strict guideline for how long you should wait between Level I & II, but you should feel as if you have become comfortable with the energy changes Level I provided. Feel free to email/call Linda if you are not sure.

Space will be limited, $50 deposit holds your spot.

If you were originally trained by Linda, you may take this as a refresher for half price.