Reiki Light Academy (RLA)

Reiki for All.

The best way to learn about Reiki is to experience it. Join us at our next Reiki Share or:

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Reiki Refresher with Attunement

Reserved for those who are Reiki trained.

Next One:  July 21st, 2019  1:00 - 3:30pm

Have you been feeling like your Reiki is in need of a boost? Maybe you feel like you aren't sure what to do with this powerful gift you have received? Maybe you just have some questions and need a safe, supportive space to get some answers!
Every other month, we will gather, go over the latest in Reiki techniques, learn from one another and then receive a full attunement to boost your energy. We will review Reiki basics for each level, but also add to our toolbox with all the new insights and training that Linda receives. There will be ample opportunity for questions and sharing.
It doesn't matter whether you trained yesterday or 20 years ago, you will come away from this workshop feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and Reiki-fied!
$20 includes training and attunement. Refreshments will be provided. All levels are welcome.

Reiki & Readings Share

Sunday, August 25th 1:30 - 3:30pm

Reiki Shares provide a chance for the public to come experience the healing and relief that Reiki provides.  This is a great opportunity to get a beautiful sample of what Reiki is all about.

Our best healers will be working with you to help you balance and restore your own energy centers. This is a partnership between you and the loving healers, who will come together to ask Divine Spirit to bring you what you need. We also receive Reiki when we give, so it's a very relaxing moment for all.

While you are waiting for your personal time with our healers, you have the opportunity to receive a 3 card intuitive reading from our team of trained readers. Linda will be joining 2 other readers to help you find the insights you need to move forward on your path. 

We are excited to share the highest intention of the highest good with you and your family and friends. Based on a first come-first served format, we will do our best to give each person at least a 15- 20 minute healing session.

Cost: $25, includes Reiki, Readings and Refreshments


Group Reiki Healing Ceremonies

RLA hosts very special ceremonies with Reiki throughout the year:  New Year's Day Letting Go and Healing, Thanksgiving Gratitude Ceremony, Spring and Winter Solstice Celebrations, as well as giving Reiki at our Crystal Sound Baths and Wellness or Retreat Days.

Coming up in June: Special Summer Solstice Sound Healing

June 29th at 2:30pm.

Need Reiki? Just ask, there's almost always a healer (or five) in every class!