The best way to learn about Reiki is to experience it.

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Reiki Light Academy (RLA)

Reiki Shares for ALL.

Check our calendar for dates and times of the next Share 

FREE! Love offerings welcome! Suggested donation $15.

Based on a first come-first served format, you will receive a Reiki Healing session from 2 or more RLA Healers.

Our healers are excited to share the highest intention of the highest good with you and your family and friends. 


Reiki Share (Open to all)

Join us for a relaxing afternoon experiencing the healing gifts.  Reiki Shares provide a chance for you to come experience the healing and relief that Reiki provides.  This is a great opportunity to get a taste of what Reiki is all about.

You will receive Reiki, usually from more than one Reiki healer who will be working with you to help you balance and restore your own energy centers.

Healers, you will find this a great place to practice

with the support and encouragement of our Reiki Master Teachers.

Reiki Share for Reiki Healers

As Reiki healers, we sometimes forego our own time in order to provide healing energy to others. For healers only, today we come together and share our healing gifts with each other. All Reiki healers are welcome no matter what level or where you were trained. Proof of certification is required if you were not trained at Imagine Yoga and Wellness Studio/Reiki Light Academy. Check calendar for upcoming Reiki Healer only Shares.

Free, $15 Love Offering Accepted.