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What is Restorative Yoga?

You will ease yourself into deep relaxation.  Using pillows, cushions, blankets and props you will melt into the poses and be gently held.  Guided visualizations, gentle meditation and reflection on finding peace within yourself will help remember the real you and what’s really important.Restorative Yoga is perfect for those who are stressed, in need of peaceful meditation, and for those who do yoga on a regular basis, it is a chance to go much deeper in their stretching.  This class will change the way you do yoga, teaching you when to let go and just allow yourself to be held in a pose. In deep meditation, the world slows down and you take a break from everyday concerns. Yoga switches you out of flight or fight and into the relaxation response - your body's natural healing state where revitalization and regeneration naturally occur. This practice suspends your mind between being awake and asleep where you get the ultimate power nap. Research shows that regular practice of restorative yoga can strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, aids insomnia, and balances the nervous and endocrine systems.There is nothing for you to do but lie down and relax. Adding aromatherapy ensures that whatever your experience, the practice will still work - even if you fall asleep. The deepest layers of your Self are always receptive and will experience the full journey.


3 Workshops a Month:

NamaSTATE of Mind with Aimee & Anu

Usually the 2nd Sunday of the month, check calendar

12:30pm - 2pm

Join your teachers Aimee and Anu as they guide you to move through a series of gentle and completely supported asanas with the use of props to encourage the body to truly let go. When the body is at rest and the mind becomes calm, students can fully experience the peace within and become one with all that is. With dimmed lighting, candles, soothing music, gentle massage with aromatherapy essential oils and the healing touch of Reiki, they will create the perfect environment in which to soften the body and unwind.

This workshop will close with a sweet Yoga Nidra to complete your restorative practice. You will leave feeling rested yet rejuvenated! 

Cost: $25

Begin your week with Restorative Yoga with Kim

Fourth Sunday of the Month at 5:45pm

Relax, restore and prepare for the work week in this 75 minute restorative yoga class. We will switch off the body’s stress response to activate the body’s natural ability to heal and repair from the daily stress of life. The use of props will allow for deep relaxation and complete surrender.Cost: $25

Now Every Month: Restorative Aerial Yoga with Kim

First Sunday of each month at 6pm

 In restorative aerial yoga, we will use the hammock to provide support for deeper relaxation while offering traction and decompression for the spine. The fabric is hung low to the ground instead of at hip height for a more grounded practice that is calming to the nervous system and allows for a greater range of motion in the spine. This will be a slow moving class where we hold each pose for an extended period of time to encourage healing of the mind and body.  Cost: $35