SBS- Stop, Breathe & Stretch


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Whether you are teleworking from home, sitting at a desk, or just spending too much time sitting, this is the class for you. Monday through Friday, we will take a break for 15 minutes to stretch, breathe and intentionally just stop and be present. AND just added: on Tuesday and Wednesday 30 minutes of yoga at no extra charge! (you can still just buzz out after 15 if you prefer)
This is a great opportunity to keep your body flexible, even if you don't have time for a full yoga class. It will help you remember to stop that slump over the computer... while giving you fresh eyes to continue your day. 2pm is the perfect time to take a break, get moving after you have lunch!
And GREAT NEWS! We will be recording every class to make sure you make it every day! Busy at 2pm? Ask for the recording and do it when you can.
Just a $5 drop in, or $50 Unlimited monthly... a real bargain! Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Cardio, with some other great practices thrown in to keep it brand new each class. 15 minutes is all it takes to reconnect to body, mind and spirit. Don't miss this great chance to move!
Class to be held via Zoom, via a permanent "room". If you are a monthly client, no need to look for an email every day, just bookmark the site, and go!
SBS is not included in our discounted packages.

Set an alarm on your watch, phone, laptop for class each day as class will begin promptly at 2pm and you don't want to miss it. We recommend setting it a few minutes early to be fully prepared for class.
A Yoga Mat is not required, but you may find it helpful for the standing poses to give a better grip than carpet will allow.
Most Yoga is done barefoot, but for these short sessions, shoes are okay. You may want to remove your socks to eliminate sliding during standing poses.
Yoga can also be done from your chair. Be mindful if your chair is on rollers that you may need to support it against something to stop it from rolling to keep you safe.
If possible, turn off all devices not needed to view class. Give yourself 15 minutes without phones or email buzzing at you.
Each class will end with a brief relaxation period, you may want to keep a blanket or shawl nearby if you get chilly. You are welcome to stay as long as you like in relaxation, so don't feel like you have to rush out if your schedule permits extra time and you need it.
These classes are interactive, if you do not want guidance on your poses, or you prefer to practice without being seen, that is just fine. You can turn your camera off or up to the ceiling.
We will leave some time at the end of the class for questions, just use the hand emoji to let us know so we don't close the class without your question. You may also use the chat box at the bottom of your screen as all participants will be muted during class. If we cannot get to all questions, we will email after.
Some props that are helpful, but not required: straps to help your reach (can be belt, tie or towel), blocks for support (can be books or cans), bolster to sit on the floor if you'd like (can be couch cushions or pillows), and of course, a blanket or wrap for warmth.
The most important thing to understand about yoga is that no pain is the gain. Your flexibility will increase steadily if you honor your body and stop whenever something goes beyond what we call 'sweet discomfort'. It's okay to stretch, but not to tear. We will help you get the maximum from your 15 minutes with us!