Welcome to the fascinating world of SoulCollage®!   If you are an artist, a stamper, a scrapbooker, familiar with collage, prayer cards, tarot and/or Jungian psychology, you will LOVE SoulCollage®. We gather as a community of kindred spirits, leafing through magazines and books, collecting images that speak to our emotions and our subconscious.  Let your intuition guide you to combine images in a powerful and personal way, building a deck of cards that is uniquely your own.

We welcome all to our community, always. No experience is necessary, but if you do have your own cards, bring them in for the reading portion of our workshop.

Join Sheree Ruhl, trained SoulCollage Facilitator,  for card building and reading.  She will help you understand all about the suits, how to make cards intuitively and so much more.

Linda & Sheree trained at the first East coast training in 2007 with Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage. They have an intimate, first hand knowledge of how SoulCollage can heal in a safe, powerful way.

Let us know if you'd like to schedule a private SoulCollage workshop for your group.

The Four Suits of a SoulCollage® Deck


The Committee Suit is based on all the different voices inside your head: The Critic who judges you and others, The Inner Child who just wants to play, The Nurturer who takes care of others. You'll make a card to honor each of your inner selves.

The Community Suit is based on all the people & places that have brought meaning to your life: parents, children, friends. You'll make a card to honor them and even those you don't know personally that have impacted you in some way.


The Companions Suit is based loosely on the Native American tradition of animal totems, or Christian angels or spirit guides. You will meditate and find out who is helping you on your life's journey. You may be very surprised at what you find!

The Council Suit is the most powerful suit of all. These are the archetypes we all share, or will experience: The Fool, The Mother, Birth, Death. We will help you to find many of these voices and help you make a card to honor each one.

Hear Seena Frost, SoulCollage® creator,  in her own words: