Sound Therapy

The Vibration that Heals

Upcoming Special Event:

Group Sound Healing

Sunday, August 23rd at 2:30pm

Every month, we will allow the soothing vibrations and tones of our large collection of therapeutic instruments to clear out what is not serving our higher self, and to fill us with positive energy to achieve our goals. 

We  use our incredible Alchemy crystal bowls, made of Selenite, Ruby, Sunstone, Ocean Indium and Tesseract, combined with our beautiful Quartz & Himalayan classic chakra bowls, gongs, chimes and drums to help you enter into a deep meditative state, free from worry and tension, as we create an amazing space by calling in our Reiki guides, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings to manifest a powerful healing intention and activate our highest self as our true guide.

This beautiful event will use the healing power of sound, combined with essential oils and color therapy to energize and balance each chakra, giving us strength to be fully nurtured inside our hearts and minds. Barry & Linda will also provide distant Reiki Healing to all who are interested during the session. Space limited to 6 insure the safety and comfort of the attendees. Feel free to bring items that need cleansed and activated.

Cost: $30 in advance, must register to secure your spot.

Sound Therapy Certification Workshop- Level II

Look for us in 2021!
Are you interested in learning how to use these beautiful tools for your own personal healing? Do you love to sing, chant or meditate? Maybe you just want to learn more about how sound vibrations can heal, even when other modalities can't? Join us for a full day retreat style training and see where sound can take you!
You will learn to play Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, gongs, and shaman drums. You will learn the difference between the different vibrations and why tuning is so important. We will spend a day getting you comfortable with using your voice for powerful healing, and help you discover your own personal mantra to heal yourself.
Manual, certification and plenty of practice time is included. Day will close with a sound bath that you may elect to participate in, or simply receive all the good vibrations of the day. Sound Bath will be open to the public.
Cost for training workshop: $250, $70 deposit holds your spot. Cost for Sound Bath: $30
Space is limited to 10, get your deposits in today!

Just as the running water has the power to wear down the strongest rock,  sound vibrations can break up the biggest blocks to wellness. 

Sound is a vibration of energy that you can hear and feel. Because every particle of matter has its own unique energy, everything emits a vibration that interacts will all it encounters. Every stone, every water droplet, every living thing has its own energetic signature, working together to create harmonies and sometime dis-harmonies in our lives. When our own energetic signals get depleted or blocked, Sound Therapy can work to restore balance and enhance energy flow with pure healing sound waves.

Sometimes our energy becomes stagnant and stale, depleted and thin, or can even be spastic and disorganized.  At Imagine Center we use a variety of sound tools, combined with Reiki energy, to clear, replenish, and focus energy. Depending on your unique needs, we might use crystal or Tibetan bowls, chakra tuning forks, Shamanic drumming, and vocal toning to restore balance. These tools move right into the heart of the blockage, clearing space to be filled with powerful Reiki energy.

Reiki Drumming enhances all the benefits of Reiki with the vibrational energy of a basic shamanic hand drum. The practitioner holds the drum a short distance from the client, and draws the Universal Energy through the drum, focusing specific healing energy into the client in a palpable wave of vibration.  Each beat of the drum pulses the Reiki energy into the client for a unique healing experience.

About us:  Barry & Linda MillerCertified Sound Healing Facilitators, originally completed all levels of Sound Therapy certification classes with Patricia Norton, the owner of Sound Immersion, LLC.

Barry & Linda then had the pleasure of  doing intensive training with performer, recording artist, sound healer and teacher, Ashana at Mago Retreat Center in mystical Sedona, AZ.  Ashana is well known as a Crystal Sound Master and one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalists of our time.

In 2018 they completed a 5 day Music and Meditation Retreat with Ajeet Kaur, in the beautiful Art of Living Retreat Center, adding mantra work to this powerful healing modality. In addition, Barry is a Certified Gong Master after training with Mehtab Benton, author of Gong Yoga, Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound.Barry &  Linda are Usui/Tibetan/Karuna Reiki Master Teachers. Their experience and love of the healing vibrations of sound lead to an amazing journey through the chakras and the endocrine system.

Private sound healing by appointment. Imagine being surrounded by the bowls as you lay comfortably with blankets, pillows and cushions or lay in our comfortable aerial hammocks. Bowls may be placed on or under your body, as well as crystals for each chakra. This is an experience like none other! Call 443-510-6308 today for appointment or visit our mindbody app.