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Monthly Group Sound Healing  $25

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Group Sound Party!

Join us for a new monthly event! Do you have a crystal singing bowl? A drum? A voice? Come play with us! We will gather as a group, and have a jam session. You do not need to have a musical instrument, we are happy to share some of ours. (We have PLENTY!) We will sing, we will play, heck, we may even dance!
 All are welcome!
Wednesday, March 29th 6:00pm $15

Just as the running water has the power to wear down the strongest rock, sound vibrations can break up the biggest blocks to wellness. 

Sound is a vibration of energy that you can hear and feel. Because every particle of matter has its own unique energy, everything emits a vibration that interacts will all it encounters. Every stone, every water droplet, every living thing has its own energetic signature, working together to create harmonies and sometime dis-harmonies in our lives. When our own energetic signals get depleted or blocked, Sound Therapy can work to restore balance and enhance energy flow with pure healing sound waves.

Sometimes our energy becomes stagnant and stale, depleted and thin, or can even be spastic and disorganized.  At Imagine Center we use a variety of sound tools, combined with Reiki energy, to clear, replenish, and focus energy. Depending on your unique needs, we might use crystal or Tibetan bowls, chakra tuning forks, Shamanic drumming, and vocal toning to restore balance. These tools move right into the heart of the blockage, clearing space to be filled with powerful Reiki energy.

Reiki Drumming enhances all the benefits of Reiki with the vibrational energy of a basic shamanic hand drum. The practitioner holds the drum a short distance from the client, and draws the Universal Energy through the drum, focusing specific healing energy into the client in a palpable wave of vibration.  Each beat of the drum pulses the Reiki energy into the client for a unique healing experience.


Crystal Healing Sound Attunement

Friday, April 28th 7:00pm

Using our incredible Alchemy crystal bowls, made of Selenite, Ruby, Sunstone, Ocean Indium and Tesseract, combined with our beautiful Quartz classic chakra bowls, will help you release deep blocks to wellness. We will create an amazing space by calling in our Reiki guides, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings to manifest a powerful healing intention.
This special Friday night event will use the healing power of sound, combined with color therapy to energize and balance each chakra and prepare us for the heat and fire of Summer by allowing the seeds of Spring to be fully nurtured inside our hearts and minds. Space limited to insure the comfort of the attendees. Feel free to bring items that need cleansed and activated. $50