Now offered at Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center...


Spiritual Direction provides a sacred space for you to find a deeper meaning in your daily life; a connection to your spiritual self.

Imagine Yoga & Wellness is honored to welcome

Spiritual Director, Jerry Pape, M. Div., RMT, CCH.

Your spiritual director, also known as a spiritual companion, mentor, guide, mashpia (Hebrew), or anam cara (Gaelic) will help you on your journey. Connecting personally with a spiritual guide is an ancient practice that is more valuable than ever in the present day.

Reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life.  As you learn to listen to the quiet voice of Spirit, you become better able to recognize Divine presence and grace in your life.  You may come to realize that God’s Spirit is truly with you every day and everywhere. 

  • Reenergize your spiritual foundation 
  • Deepen the sources that inspire you
  • Make spiritual decisions at the crossroads
  • Create your own rites of celebration
  • Explore a different spiritual path
  • Learn new ways of prayer
  • Get a better understanding of your spiritual style
  • Find meaning beyond the moment
This practice abides by the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) codes of ethics. 
This practice welcomes all persons and does not to discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability. 
Not affiliated with any Church or denomination.
All spiritual paths and traditions are honored.