Thai Yoga Massage:

Thai yoga therapy, the union of yoga and massage, is a healing art. Receiving Thai yoga therapy is the ultimate way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga, massage, acupressure, energy work, reflexology, meditation and so much more.

This type of therapy is applied to the body fully clothed. You will be gently stretched into a rhythmic flow allowing for a deep relaxation, release of stress and pain, increased energy and a heightened connection between body, mind and soul. All of these combined assist the body in the restoration of optimal function on a cellular level. It nourishes one’s soul so the Self heals the self.

Anu also offers private Thai Yoga Massage for individuals or couples. Book an appointment today!

Self Thai Yoga Massage

Friday, May 8th & 22nd at 12:30pm

Thai yoga massage offers healing practices that are as close to magic as one can get! They are simple exercises that bring energy and relieve pain while improving flexibility and range of motion.

Typically done one on one but in this time of social distancing, Anu, certified Thai massage practitioner, will show you how to self massage for all the same benefits.

Cost: $15