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YOUR Way to Wellness

Confused about which path to take? Have you dabbled in Reiki? Yoga? Meditation? Do you feel like you've never quite figured out which tools work best for you? Curious about Crystals? Sound Healing? Astrology? Tarot? So many tools, so little time to decide which is best for you!

We have developed an amazing program designed to not only help you understand everything Imagine has to offer, but to give you ongoing support in your quest for living your best life. View our video of everything we offer and then decide if this program is for you! Check it out here.

Imagine is blessed to host the Reiki Light Academy, a group of dedicated Healers committed to sharing wellness through the Usui Method of Natural Healing. We hold regular Reiki Shares, where the public is invited to sample a Reiki session. We are also blessed to host all levels of Usui/Tibetan/Karuna Reiki Trainings, where those who feel called to improve their lives and lives of their loved ones through this simple method of hands on healing. 

Sometimes we need a bit of insight to follow the best way for our highest good. Through the use of tarot or oracles cards, crystal and chakra assessments, and discussion groups we learn to use our natural abilities to read the signs we are given. Join us for our training workshops or Seekers gatherings to study these healing arts.

Learn to use these gems to promote wellness in an ancient way. We offer private crystal healing sessions where you learn what the best crystals are for your needs.

We also host regular crystal workshops and have an extensive collection of crystals for sale at Imagine.  Combined with energy clearing sage, incense, and many other items designed to help you heal your homes, offices and provide meaningful gifts for loved ones. Stop by Imagine and see what’s in our little store.

One of the most important parts of Imagine is our community. We love to bring groups together to discover that "they aren't the only one". Join us for Seekers, Reading Shares and more. You will find your tribe at Imagine.

Imagine believes in the healing power of sound vibrations. Whether through our group sessions or individual personalized sessions, we have seen remarkable breakthroughs and deep letting go for those in need. We have a large collection of quartz crystal & alchemy singing bowls, Himalayan tingshas and mantra bowls, gongs, drums and chimes tuned to healing frequencies.

Spiritual Direction provides a sacred time and space for you to find the deeper meaning in your daily life. Strengthen the bonds of connection to your spiritual self.