Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center is home to

Reiki Light Academy

Learn to heal yourself and others

To Give, To Love, To Share, To Learn, To Teach, To Become...

That is what Reiki Light Academy is all about.
We use your natural gifts to help you find which direction to go,

and encourage the learning style that best suits you.

The Reiki Light Academy offers all levels of Reiki Training in the traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing, as well as Tibetan and Karuna® Reiki Training.


To Give, to Love, and to Share

The Reiki Light Academy is a committed group of healers

wishing to make this gift of healing accessible to all.



When was the last time someone held space for you?

Held your hand and didn't ask for anything in return? 

Come feel the power of gentle touch combined with healing prayer.

Have you felt called to help others?

Maybe you'd like to heal yourself, your pets, your loved ones.

At Reiki Light Academy we offer training in all levels

of Reiki Healing- Usui, Tibetan, Karuna

We believe in continued support and creating community.

Through regular drop in clinics, weekly Seekers groups and special workshops, you will find people just like you, becoming Reiki.