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Xander MacSwan


"I came to yoga from a background in gymnastics, dance, and martial arts. I love movement, I love physical play and in particular I love developing a deep and familiar relationship with my body. I fell in love with Yoga’s ability to guide a person inward, it’s way of using movement to connect with your inner self. 


After my introduction to Yoga at Imagine, I went on to study traditional samkhyan yogic philosophy at an ashram in Thailand, and fell in love all over again with the yogic approach to mindfulness, nonviolence, and philosophy. Since then I’ve run a mindfulness and nonviolence training center, been involved in global networks working on implementing Gandhian nonviolence and Ahimsa both personally and in society, and now I’m back at Imagine!


My Yoga asana classes focus very much on turning inward. We tend to move slowly through poses, going deep in each one. There’s a big emphasis on mental focus, strength building, and proprioception practice. My biggest goal is to support students in developing a playful and conscious relationship to their bodies, to help them feel comfortable and empowered in their own practice, and day to day life. "