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Join Nichele Wednesday nights at 6pm for this 75 minute class and learn to deeply relax in your yoga poses.

Are there any areas in your body where you just don’t feel at ease no matter how much exercise or stretching you do? Do you have chronic discomfort or labored mobility? This wonderful yoga practice targets deep connective tissue in a way that no other practice does. Research shows that the symptoms of pain, inflammation, and stiffness are often a result of obstructions in our deep connective tissues. As the saying goes “the issues are in our tissues”! Even if you feel well, you can benefit from this Yin practice that promotes the optimal wellness of our whole being!

Yin yoga can promote deep relaxation. Yin yoga is a practice that is the perfect balance to other yoga practices or more yang-like exercises. A sustained practice of Yin yoga has brought relief to many on a physical level and it is also a complete and holistic practice that promotes the balance and healing of our integrated mind, body and spirit.