Yoga Dance Shake, Shimmy and have some fun!

Both classes are included in your discount packages. Take both and it will just count as 1.

Classes will be available for recording, however, you have to sign a waiver that you will not just sit on the couch and watch 🙂

Yoga Dance!    Saturdays 10:30am

Everyone knows Linda likes to dance it out!

Instead of adding some dance into the yoga as she is known to do... how about we add some yoga into the dance? 30 minutes with a great soundtrack designed to get your heart pumping and those creaky joints oiled up.

This quick calorie burner will have all the same elements as yoga, but we will shake and shimmy through our warriors and drop it like it's hot in our squats. Be prepared to sweat a little, it's good for you! But absolutely no twerking, you might throw out your back or something 🙂

Yoga Deep  Saturdays 11:00am

Now that you have all that heat, let's see how deep you can really go in those stretches.

Taken in combination with Yoga Dance, or as a stand alone class, this 30 minute session is designed to give you time to really explore your poses, and find the relaxation that can only be experienced when you ease into a deep stretch. Using elements of yin and restorative yoga, combined with the proper alignment of Iyengar yoga, you will safely release blocks in your muscles and in your energy!

If taken separately, we recommend you warm up a bit before the class. You may also want to have some props handy:

  • Blocks or Books
  • Towels or Blankets
  • Straps or Ties
  • Bolster, Couch Cushions or Exercise Balls
  • Chair or Ottoman

These are optional, not mandatory. Let's learn to really let go of tension!