Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a wonderful way to deeply relax. Dedicating an hour each week to this unique class will allow you to experience the deeper effects of Yoga Nidra, a calm that stays with you well beyond the class.

After a gentle stretch to make it easier to lay down without restlessness, Aimee will guide you through a proven meditation journey designed to keep you in a blissful state between awake and asleep. Most people find they sleep like babies after a Yoga Nidra session, it calms the nerves and allows the body to find a restful place very quickly.

Grab your cushions, eye pillows and blankets, and dress comfortable, pajamas are fine! Let Aimee's soothing voice melt your day away!

Join Aimee every Monday at 7pm for a relaxing way to start your week.