We are a full service wellness center offering to meet you where you are.. literally.

All of our classes and events are online, on Zoom, many recorded so you can view them over and over.

We believe in community. We hold interactive, daily group classes, in yoga, meditation, weights and cardio. The teacher is actually watching out for our students, not just leading a routine, to make sure you are safe and supported. You can be assured that your wellbeing is our first commitment.

We also teach and offer Reiki Healing, Tarot Readings, Healing & Spirit Space for each month, Astrology and private one on one spiritual mentoring and guidance in the comfort of your home. Imagine has stood the test of time... just ask the hundreds that have changed their lives with us!


I walked into this place and said "This is home."
This is not your typical yoga studio. This is a place to come if you want all things spiritual! I finally found the place where I got the spiritual side of yoga and not yoga for exercise. Thanks Imagine. You are the best!!! ~Lisa

I have been attending classes at Imagine Yoga for over a year. The yoga classes are great and the instructors are awesome. There are class offerings for everyone from gentle yoga to Yin to Kunda Dance. Everyone at the studio is supportive and welcoming. ~Karen

I have been coming to Imagine for over 6 years and it’s such a welcoming environment with fantastic instructors.

During the pandemic, having online classes, and now a hybrid option for many classes, gives everyone the ability to enjoy yoga at such a critical and stressful time. They are the BEST! ~ Lucy

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