Weekly Group Classes

Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center is happy to provide a place for people to experience a regular yoga community. When you come to Imagine, you will rapidly understand that yoga extends far beyond the hour on the mat. When you see the smiles and hugs (see COVID guidelines here) as the yogis greet one another, when they ask about each others day, and when they greet you warmly because that’s who Imagine Yogis are:  warm, welcoming, caring… a community!

We believe that yoga can be adapted to fit everyone, that’s why you will hear the instructors offering plenty of modifications and levels of difficulty in every class. Whether you are looking for strength, flexibility, peace of mind or fun, you will find all this and more at Imagine. We LOVE yoga, and hope that you will learn to love it too!

Weekly Class Schedule: 


9:30am Meditations with Barry

10:30am Immunity Yoga with Nichelle

S 3pm Aerial Yoga Returns! with Kim


4:45pm  All Level Yoga with Linda 

6:00pm Energy Yoga with Linda

7:00pm Yoga Nidra with Aimee


6:00am Sunrise Yoga with Laura

9:30am   Level I Yoga  with Aimee 

10:30am  All Level Yoga with Linda  

4:45pm Slow Flow Yoga with Anu

5:45pm Meditation with Sheree

6:00pm Flow & Glow Yoga with Anu


10:30am Ashtanga Style Yoga with Anu

3:00 pm Tea Time Talk with Linda

4:45 pm  All Level Yoga with Linda

6pm Yin Yoga with  Nichele


S 10:30am  All Level Yoga with EJ

S 12:30pm Lunchtime Stretch and Core with Aimee

4:30pm Fundalini Yoga with Linda

6:00 Mind Body Reset with Sheree

S 7:00pm   All Level Yoga with Kim


6:00am Sunrise Yoga with  Barry 

11:00am Flow & Glow Yoga with Anu

S 1:00pm Level I Yoga with Aimee


S 9:30am  All Level Yoga  in studio when Kim or Barry teach. Anu & Nichele do not offer in studio option. (check weeks on calendar)

10:30am Chakra Yoga with Anu


Payment for classes be made:

In studio with cash, check or credit card, or in advance with Venmo (Linda-Miller-230), Mindbody or Paypal

Call (443) 510-6308 for gift certificates and more information.