Need some private, one on one attention? We offer a variety of online services, designed to support and guide you on your journey:

  • Private Yoga
  • Tarot and Oracle Readings
  • Healing Conversations
  • Astrological Profiles
  • Quantum Healing
  • Way to Wellness Consultations
  • Distance Reiki Healing

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Imagine Us Online!

Imagine is delighted to continue providing us with opportunity to gather and keep our community vibrant and happy.

All of our group classes are being zoomed, which enables us to see you, help you with alignment, and gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with your yoga and meditation buddies. We've added new classes to help those of you with different work hours than usual, and new formats designed to help everyone through these challenging times.

It's easy to sign up-- you can do so on the front page of our website, or in our private facebook group that gives you an update every evening of the next days classes, as well as a place to ask questions and get immediate answers. All of our teachers are happy to help!

Perfect time for a full astrological profile or an indepth reading (1)