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Linda seeks to simplify and de-mystify wellness for folks looking to create an authentic life, teaching yoga in a simple, joyful way, creating a training program for Reiki Masters that clarifies and ensures success, developing yogacrystal, tarot workshops that make it easy to find tools to de-stress and thrive in this fast paced world. Linda loves creating groups where folks can be real, say what’s in their hearts without worry of judgement, and laugh deeply, finding acceptance and joy in the moment.  This is Linda’s life mission, thank you for being part of it! Book an appointment with Linda today, or take one of her classes.

Kim turned to yoga to find relief from chronic neck pain and to reduce stress.  Little did she know, it would be the beginning of a life changing journey of self discovery and self acceptance. Through yoga, she has found peace in her own stillness and a calm that can only be found by being present in the moment. She believes that everyone can benefit from the gift that is yoga and has a deep calling to share her passion for yoga with others. Kim's passion is Aerial Yoga, she developed Imagine's program and continues to teach to small groups practicing safe  or social distancing. Join Kim for a class or book a private Aerial yoga class today.

A traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Sheree has been offering healing for many years. She is a certified SoulCollage Facilitator, combing healing with artistry and intuition. Sheree has found a wonderful niche at Imagine by teaching our Meditation and Gentle Yoga classes. Her student love her warmth and humor, she specializes in sharing how her 25 year yoga practice has evolved as she has aged. She believes, like we do, that yoga fits every body and is happy to show you how! Her favorite quote is by Ram Dass:  “Be here now." Book an appointment for private yoga or meditation or Join Sheree in a class today.


Guided by her unique intuition, Anu specializes in deep healing and has served as a life coach to many. You will find her yoga classes warm, inspiring, peaceful and invigorating. Her favorite style is a vinyasa flow which connects the breath with movement allowing one to "glow" from the inside out. She encourages her students to find that space between effort and surrender. She incorporates ancient yogic philosophy in her classes and encourages students to find the thread that connects us all in mind, body and spirit. Book an appointment with Anu, or take one of her classes today.



Heather has been coming to Imagine for the past 4 years. She was exposed to Reiki at her first Imagine retreat and felt that it was a calling for her. She is now a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has been trained in Karuna as well. She is continuing her yoga journey as she is training to become a yoga instructor at Imagine. She regularly practices yoga, meditation, and mindfulness and hopes to instill appreciate for these things to her children as well as all that come into her life. Heather has been a veterinarian for over 10 years and brings aspects of Reiki and mindfulness into her work for both the animals and their owners. Outside of Imagine and work, Heather loves nature and enjoys spending time with her two children and husband.



Barry has been practicing yoga for  almost two decades.  “Yoga is the single most important thing I do for myself. It calms the mind, strengthens the body and sparks the spirit. I can’t go more than two or three days without it or it affects how I feel!” says Barry. Barry’s naturally gentle spirit is evident in his meditative teaching style. His teaching is motivated by wanting everyone to reap the benefits of yoga and the enhancement it gives to every part of life. Join Barry for Meditation or Sunrise Yoga this week. 

Aimee’s journey into yoga began in college when she took her first yoga class in college while earning her degree in Psychology and Social Work. Yoga was re-introduced into her life in the mid 1990’s when she was teaching aerobics, pilates and fitness classes at a gym and began taking a new class called Flexible Strength, which was really a yoga class but not called that as the yoga boom had not yet caught on. She loved the relaxed sense of peace and vitality and the deep stretching and flexibility she experienced and discovered that she wanted to learn more about yoga, eventually becoming a 500 hour CYT. Aimee brings us a remarkable array of classes, teaching Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), Gentle, Chair and Core Strengthening classes each week. Book an appointment for a private class or join her in a group today.

Nichele embraces students wherever they are in their evolution of practice. Her breath-centered, group classes hold space for each participant to delve into their own truth and adapt their practice accordingly. Through a journey of awareness, Nichele’s aim is that classes inspire peace by inviting students to explore and connect several aspects of their being. Intuitive and compassionate, her client testimonials attest to her dedication, yoga love, and ability to nurture one’s capacity for self-healing. Nichele teaches Yin and Immunity Yoga for Imagine. Take a class with her today.

Della began her yoga journey more than 10 years ago.  Recognizing the need to have some form of “physical exercise“ in her life, and after trying and disliking several different forms of exercise, she found and fell in love with yoga.  Initially, yoga was just away to have some physical activity in her life; however it quickly became much, much more.  About 7 years ago, Della found Imagine and yoga opened up a whole new world for her.  It became the start an amazing journey. 

Yoga has allowed Della to find centering and grounding in her life and has also lead to her becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Nancy Maxwell, CYT, Retired School Teacher, B.A. English and Education



In Nancy's words:  I had always exercised in traditional ways but was looking for something sustainable for both my mind and body, and so at the age of 49, my yoga journey began. From the start I embraced the opportunity to combine strength, balance, and flexibility. Surely, that would be enough. However, during the course of my now 16 years of practice, the role of breath, meditation, and quiet evolved. Thus, that perfect and oftentimes elusive combination of body and mind graced my life. Today, at the age of 65 the journey continues. I do so with immense gratitude to all my teachers who have enriched my life in ways beyond the mat, my fellow yogis, and my family for encouraging my yogic path. I hope to guide you in your practice and share the joy yoga has brought to me.