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Would you like to know more about yourself, go beyond your Sun Sign?

Linda has trained with the amazing David Palmer, The Leo King, but has also been drawing up charts since she was 18 years old-- actually knowing how to do them the old fashioned way with a compass and paper! You will learn your Rising Sign and where all the planets where at the moment you were born, and how that shaped who you are today, as well as how it works with your future.

Astrological Readings $150. You will need to provide the date, time, and place of your birth in advance. Book Your Appointment Today!

October Astro-Forecast (5)


What's the weather going to be for February? The Astrological Weather? What about 2021? Let's find out!

Join Linda & Stephanie for an overview of the exciting planetary occurrences that will impact all of us. They will lead you through, and give you some great ideas for how to cope and what to look for as the month goes on.

Cost: $20, Via Zoom. Class will be recorded for those who cannot make it live. This class repeats monthly to prepare you for what's next.

Framed Readings Available


Next one:  2021

Curious about astrology? Want to know more about all the signs, planets and houses that influence our daily existence?
Ready to go a bit deeper than the usual sun sign horoscope?
Join Linda to begin an exploration of how the stars and planets on the day you were born created a destiny for you, that maybe you weren't even aware of!
This class will be held via zoom. Please have pen/paper ready, and if possible, connect your device to a large screen for viewing the power point with ease. 
Cost: $35


Go beyond the 7 Chakras and discover ascension through the 12th



Saturday 20th February, 2021 ~ 10am to 1pm

This workshop will be guided by Nicky Aymes and include the following topics:

~ 7 Inner Space Chakras ~ Root | Sacral | Solar Plexus | Heart | Throat | 3rd Eye | Crown

~ 5 - 5th Dimensional Outer Chakras ~ Earth Star | Navel | Casual | Soul Star

~ Stellar Gateway

~  Upgrade Chakra Initiation to Awaken your awareness to this new energy system

The Earth’s energetic frequency shifted back in 2012 when our planet started to enter into the 4th Dimension of consciousness. However, the energy of humanity was still too dense so it wasn’t until 21st December 2020 that the major energetic shift to the Era of Aquarius and the 5th Dimension of consciousness occurred. Due to this shift we are now able to receive a higher frequency of Light and healing if our energetics are attuned and prepared to do so. I like to explain it in this way:

Our body is like a Computer and our energy is the Software. We have been operating on a 3rd Dimensional software that has been allowing us to move into the 4th dimension of consciousness. However, to be able to function on a 5th dimension of consciousness this 3rd dimensional software becomes obsolete. We need to update our energetic being (computer) by upgrading our software (chakra system) to a 5th dimensional one or we will become stagnant.

At the end of the workshop you will be taken through an "Upgrade Chakra Initiation" to Awaken your awareness to these higher chakras.


To attend this workshop you do not have to be experience with your chakra system or the 5th dimension. I will be guiding you through this class allowing you to start your awakening journey. You will be surprised at how much wisdom & knowledge you hold within waiting to be nudged into your consciousness awareness at this time, and that's precisely what I am hoping to do. 

~ Cost: $60

Nicky is an International Practitioner for Holistic Medicine with over 20 years of experience. Her goal in life is to "To be a Wholistic Energy Lightworker conduit for Soul Awakening & Ascension assisting with the deep healing of All Beings and Mother Earth". Do not be afraid or shy to ask questions or for help, Nicky is at her happiest when helping others...