Energy Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm with Linda

Linda loves to do Kundalini Yoga, but realizes it's not for everyone! She has blended this class to give you all the amazing benefits that Kundalini can provide, while easing you into the more intense parts of the practice.

Kundalini is the original yoga, the umbrella for all yoga that exists today. The difference between Kundalini and Hatha Yoga is immense, but the styles complement each other well. In Kundalini you use kriyas, which are simple movements, repeated for 3-11 minutes that are combined with breath techniques to stimulate chakras, glandular healing and create internal heat. 

Kundalini also has a strong meditative aspect, using mantras and mudras to focus the mind, this yoga will build energy and create deep relaxation.

All are welcome, all poses can be modified to your level, most can even be done in a chair, however, be prepared to sweat!Awaken your natural immunity and elevate your energy with this class. Best thing of all, you will have fun, laugh at yourself and laugh with others. The students have dubbed this class FUNdalini Yoga- Don't be afraid to try it, you'll love it!