*CEO/Director of Imagine Yoga Wellness Center

and Reiki Light Academy


Reiki Master Teacher
*500+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

*Certified Tarot/Oracle & Astrology Reader

*Certified SoulCollage Facilitator

*Certified BioSpiritual Focusing Facilitator

*Certified Sound Therapist

*Crystal Specialist


Linda & her husband Barry are the CEO & CFO, Directors, Managers and chief bottle washers of Imagine. During COVID, after setting up and implementing an online yoga studio, Linda & Barry moved to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, realizing a lifelong dream of living near the ocean. They return to the studio in Bowie each month to see clients and continue trainings.

Linda Miller, Owner of Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center

Linda was a mortgage broker in her 20s, discovering how constant stress can effect mind, body and spirit.  After the birth of her children, she decided to quit the fast track and began working as an Asst. Recreational Therapist in the same building that hosts Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center today.

Yoga Journey:

25 years ago, Linda landed in a Tai Chi class, quite by accident, and discovered a whole new world.  Discovering Yoga, She practiced  for years, training old school style, with many different teachers from different branches of yoga. She delighted in researching and finding out more and more about Kundalini, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Kripalu style yoga, being fortunate to have mentors and teachers who grew up in ashrams, studied with some of the premier names in yoga and who believed yoga is learned through doing. After practicing everyday for years, she eventually began teaching yoga to 3-4 year olds in the Bowie Therapeutic Nursery, leading to obtaining her YogaFit certifications.

She spent ten years teaching in the CCPC Sanctuary to church members, local gyms, dance studios and even her garage! When BTN closed, the Reverend at the church invited her to use the space in the education building and she combined with a fellow church member to create Imagine. Through much hard work, and consistent loyalty, the center has thrived, with many wonderful teachers and healers sharing the space with Linda & Barry.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Journey:

When Linda was 16 years old, in response to an oppressive church, she picked up a deck of tarot cards to rebel, never dreaming she would find a remarkable way to hear that "still, small voice". Discovering that she was a natural Empath who was also Clairsentient, gave her a unique connection to energy which helps her channel Spirit's guidance and insights. Read more about Linda's Intuitive Journey here.

Reiki Journey:

Linda's Reiki lineage traces back to the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. She is attuned in the highest level of Usui, Tibetan, Karuna and Gendai Reiki, having studied with Jan Bridger, Pat Clarke, Linda Roebuck and William Rand. Linda created her own training program for healers to simplify and spread healing through the Reiki Light Academy, training hundreds in this simple form of hands on prayer.  Read more about Linda's Reiki journey and the Reiki Light Academy here.

Sound Therapy

After training with Patricia Norton of Sound Immersion for a number of years, Linda and Barry got a remarkable opportunity to study sound with Ashana, Crystal Sound Master and one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalists of our time. They were blessed to attend a 5 day retreat at the Art of Living Center in Boone, NC with Ajeet Kaur, studying deeper meditation through music and chant, while learning the artful living of Ayurveda. Read more about Linda's Sound Healing here. 

Linda loves to learn and create easy ways for others to improve their understanding of how to live their best lives. She created a training program for intuitives, an apprenticeship yoga teacher training program and created a remarkable program designed to help people create a path completely individualized to their goals of health. 

Linda attributes all of her success to her father, who taught her how to work hard and think for herself. To her mentors, Rose Shrott, Carol Roman and James Brassard, who taught her how to believe in herself. And to Barry, and her 2 wonderful kids (adults) Cory & Rhiannon, who taught her how to lighten up!