Imagine Yoga Teachers

We have a different philosophy on teaching yoga at Imagine. We believe that yoga is not about us, or our titles, or our certificates, or anything other than our students. We love yoga. When you love something, you want to share it. This was how yoga originally was intended to spread. An ancient meditator had trouble sitting still. He thought some movement may help. Yoga was born.[spacer height="20px"]

Yoga means Union. Union between mind, body and spirit. Union between souls. The Light in you, is the same as the Light in me. When we recognize that, we unite. This is the meaning of Namaste'. This is the meaning of yoga.

Imagine Teaching Yoga

Do you love yoga? Do you want to share your love? Have you found it hard to find a yoga teacher training that fits your needs? Your budget? Your time? Your philosophy? Us too! So we have decided to create a training that is based on real people. With lives. Who want to DO yoga, not just study it in a book.[spacer height="20px"]

Our 108 hour certification program puts you in the studio right away. With 8 Master Teaching classes covering practical topics like structuring a class, using props, building community, safety... all the things that are really important for a successful teacher to know. [spacer height="20px"]

It also includes hours to teach by doing, and to teach in a supportive, supervised environment. Your own practice is included. Discussion of the yoga "bibles", hours to meditate, this is what yoga teaching is truly all about. Individual, personal one on one time, no yoga factory training here.


Imagine Being Yoga

Maybe you simply want to deepen your practice. Or maybe you want to feel supported in your quest to find out if yoga teaching is for you. Our Master classes will be open to the public. The 4-6 month certification is only available to qualified applicants. Some guidelines:

  • Must have a demonstrated 6 month yoga practice.
  • Must love yoga.
  • Must value the enlightenment and success of your students.

Linda will only take 4 qualified applicants at a time, and those 4 will be welcome to teach at Imagine Yoga and Wellness after their training.[spacer height="20px"]

Find out more about the training here or call Linda at 301-602-6412. Program begins with first master class  September 13th, 2022