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The studio looks a little different... but the energy is the same.

When Maryland Government decided to shut down all businesses due to COVID-19 in March 2020, Imagine's concern was for our students. We knew they would need the sanity and normalcy of yoga to help them get through this crisis. Since they couldn't go to the studio, we brought the studio to them! Shifting quickly, never even missing one class, we trained the teachers and students to enjoy their favorite yoga and meditation classes through Zoom. It may not be the same without the actual hugs, but the virtual smiles have made it all worth it!

We've been able to open back up here and there, in between variants, but we have found that our online community is here to stay. We've had people from all over the world, all over the country, join us and become friends. It's been an amazing experience, and one that we will continue regardless of whatever pandemic comes our way.  Join us. We are interactive, you aren't just watching a video of some perfect creature... we are real, we can help you stay safe in your poses and feel connected to your community. We are committed to keeping this wonderful community together, and have discovered that many really like doing yoga in the comfort of their homes. It's been a win-win!

How to join us online:

Book a class or event here to receive a link to join us via Zoom.

We host  Imagine Yoga Online on facebook that gives a daily update on the classes and teachers. You may sign up for classes there. Just request to be added to the group.

All classes can be recorded. Recordings will last for 24-36 hours from original class. Recorded classes have the same rates as live, there are no refunds for classes expired before attendance. Please do not share recordings, our teachers get paid for each student in the class.

Zoom Links:  Most teachers have permanent rooms with address and password remaining the same for all of their classes. Once you have attended an Imagine class, you will receive a list of the teacher's links, thereby allowing you to drop into any class you choose, much like going to the studio. We will simply charge your account for the class, and send you an invoice if you do not have a card on file.