Virtual Class Facts:

  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation with our teachers link and cell phone numbers to attend class or request recordings.
  • Online Classes are indicated with an (O) on our calendar. (OS) indicates an online class held in the studio. (OT) is an online class telecast in the studio with the teacher being remote.
  • Class fees are the same as in person classes and can be used for online or in person interchangeably.
  • All classes can be recorded, please register as usual and let us know you would like a recording.
  • Occasionally, a teacher may be absent from class and will offer a recording (R). Please let the teacher know that you would like one.
  • Recordings will last for 24-36 hours from original class.
  • Recorded classes have the same rates as live, there are no refunds for classes expired before attendance.
  • Please do not share recordings, as our teachers get paid for each student registered in the class.