Linda & Barry Miller, Owners of Imagine
Linda & Barry Miller, Owners of Imagine

Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center opened in 2010 as a place to give people a chance to experience yoga, often for the first time. Bowie, Maryland is not exactly known for it’s thriving yoga community, in fact, Imagine started in one room of a very run down building on church grounds, and has evolved into a beautiful studio with large rooms that have huge windows overlooking gorgeous gardens and wooded areas.

The yoga studios are spacious, the art space is well lit and colorful, and the Reiki room is a pleasure with comfy couches and soft lighting. Many people familiar with the old CCPC nursery school are amazed when they walk through the doors, “Wow! What a beautiful space with fabulous energy!”


Linda is a corporate world dropout, deciding that money and company cars were not worth the price to her spirit. Landing in a Tai Chi class, quite by accident, she discovered a whole new world. 20 years later and voila’, Imagine & the Reiki Light Academy are here. Linda seeks to simplify and de-mystify wellness for folks looking to create an authentic life, teaching yoga in a simple way, creating a training program for Reiki Masters that clarifies and ensures success, developing yoga, crystal, tarot workshops that make it easy to find tools to de-stress and thrive in this fast paced world. Linda loves creating groups where folks can be real, say what’s in their hearts without worry of judgement and laugh deeply, finding acceptance and joy in the moment.

Linda has trained with the amazing Lisa Williams, psychic medium at Omega Institute. She was fortunate to train with Doreen Virtue, becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader. She and Barry got a remarkable opportunity to study sound with Ashana, Crystal Sound Master and one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalists of our time.


Linda accepts appointments for Private Yoga or Meditation,

Reiki Healing, Intuitive Readings, Crystal Consultations & Sound Healing.

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Linda: CEO, Director of Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center and Reiki Light Academy, Usui/Tibetan/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, 500+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Crystal & Tarot Specialist, Certified Sound Healer

May you be blessed

with the knowledge

of how much you are loved.      

∼Linda Miller

Linda Miller

CEO/Director of Imagine Yoga Wellness Center and Reiki Light Academy
Usui/Tibetan/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
500+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Crystal & Tarot Specialist
Certified Sound Healer

Barry Miller
Reiki Master/Teacher Level Yoga Teacher
Sound & Shaman Drum Specialist

Certified Past Life Regression Specialist

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Imagine would not exist without Barry. He has supported Linda through the days of teaching yoga in their garage to the beautiful center we have now, always willing to pitch in and help grow the dream. Barry has been practicing yoga for more than a decade.  “Yoga is the single most important thing I do for myself. It calms the mind, strengthens the body and sparks the spirit. I can’t go more than two or three days without it or it affects how I feel!” says Barry. Barry’s naturally gentle spirit is evident in his meditative teaching style. His teaching is motivated by wanting everyone to reap the benefits of yoga and the enhancement it gives to every part of life. Barry is an Engineering Drafter/Designer by day and an avid nature lover, a huge weather geek who loves to sing, spend lots of time at the beach and enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends.


Barry accepts appointments for Reiki Healing and Sound Therapy.

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