YOUR Way to Wellness

What if you could learn about yourself in an easy, clear manner?

Would you like to have an in depth consultation to get you started on creating your own path, based on your Ayurveda, Astrology, Numerology and Spiritual Analysis?

Wouldn't you love to have a specialist figure it all out for you, and take you step by step, month by month; showing you the way to take radical care of yourself to create a happy, balanced life?

We can help-Get started today!

  1. Download our questionnaire .
  2. Send it to us or drop it by the studio.
  3. Make an appointment.
  4. Begin your new life.

Just look at what you find out in your initial consultation→

You Can:  Take the info and run with it, OR

Join our 6 month program with a specialist who will guide you every step of the way.

We will show you how you can structure the next 6 months to learn to feed your Ayuvedic dosha, work with your astrological and numerology charts to come up with diet, exercise, & healing modalities specifically designed just for you. 90-120 minute appointments will be available, where you can not only practice private yoga and meditation, but receive advice and healing as you go.

Many options for pricing available. Book your consultation and/or book individual appointments for any of our healing modalities today.  

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Confused about which path to take? Have you dabbled in Reiki? Yoga? Meditation? Ayurveda? Do you feel like you've never quite figured out which tools work best for you? Curious about Crystals? Sound Healing? Astrology? Tarot? Numerology? Quantum? So many tools, so little time to decide which is best for you! How do you decide which to try first? And what on Earth does it all mean anyway?

Here's an in depth overview of everything that Imagine has to help you work your way through fatigue, overwhelm, and apathy. We can help you begin to put together a plan to create radical empathy, for yourself and others.

(Video is set at a 20 second timer, please feel free to use your arrow keys to fast forward as necessary for time 🙂 )